Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Eyemark Community!

The Eyemark Community is an online forum where the citizens of Nigeria at home or in the diaspora can follow, view, discuss, and give feedback on the projects embarked on by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The goal is to enlighten members of the public, educate, and pass feedback to decision-makers in government. Non-citizens who love Nigeria are also welcome!

Our Core Values:
  • Respectful Dialogue (Freedom of Speech)
  • Honest and Constructive Criticism
  • Community/Nation Building
  • Lawful Exchange of Ideas
  • Thought Leadership
  • Promoting Values and Culture

To ensure that the goals of the Community are met, we request that you follow these guidelines to build and sustain a safe and free community for all Nigerians. Any content that offends these guidelines will be moderated appropriately and countermeasures may be taken against the user in some instances.

When Sharing Your Opinion:

Values and Speeches That We EncourageSpeeches That We Frown At
Always be respectful in addressing other users and persons not on the platform (whether public figures or not).
Use of abusive and derogatory words
Constructive criticism.
Always try to conduct research and make verified statements before making an opinion. If you are not sure, it is better to be silent or state that your comments have not been verified.
Remember: Fake news hurts us all
Untrue statements to gather clout or incite others.
Avoid sentiments or biases when viewing or commenting on a project.
Pay attention to the quality, progress, value, and impact of the project rather than whipping up a conspiracy theory.
Rubbishing a project without qualitative analysis or criticising projects based on the political party of the executives involved.
Respond to posts or comments in a mature and respectful manner.Attacking the personality of a user or non-user or taking posts personally.
Always make your comments without derogatory reference to another user’s origin, ethnicity, gender, colour or tribe, and so on.
We take this seriously
Making hateful, insensitive, sexual and discriminatory comments.
Do not repost, upvote or like discriminatory comments.Posts that advertise products, services, links, spams, scams, political parties, political candidates, persons, businesses, etc
Try to understand what a speaker is saying before replying.Deliberately quoting a speaker or public figure out of context
Encouraging peace and calmInciting violence or sedition. Verbal harassment and assault.
Positive and hopeful comments. The world already has so many bad things going on. Be kind.Negative and distasteful comments. Curses, doom, and cruel statements.
Criticism and diversity of opinion are welcome.
Copying and pasting comments as your own.
Research and make good points instead.
Impersonating others.
Encouraging fraud or crime

When Posting Pictures or Videos and Others

Do not post or repost content that infringes on the Intellectual Property rights of others without their permission.
If you do, we will remove it without your permission and we may suspend your access if you repeat the same action.

Resist the urge to post or repost gory or violent media e.g., scenes of blood, etc.

Avoid posting or reposting nude or x-rated content on the forum.
If you do, we will take down your post without your permission and we may suspend your access if you repeat the same action.

Avoid posting or reposting old media as though it were the current state of things.
If you do, we may remove the post without your permission.

Resist the urge to post your wares, products, logos, adverts, selfies, and so on, including other personal or business information.
If you post marketing-related communication, we will remove it without your permission and may suspend your access if you repeat the same action.

Actions We May Explore if You Violate the Guidelines

Eyemark is a great community where people can freely express their opinions without offending the rights of others and their person.
This means that we may not take down a comment or post simply because it offends you or is negative because we encourage diversity of opinion and constructive criticism. However, if we assess a comment or user has violated these Guidelines, we may:

  • Take down the comment or post
  • Suspend the User for as long as a week, two weeks or even lifetime access.
  • Disable the features of a user to make further contributions
  • Remove the access of the user to the Community

These actions may be taken separately or jointly against a user.

Bringing it to our Attention

In case we miss a violation of these Guidelines by a user, you can draw our attention by flagging a comment or post or sending us a mail at [email protected]

Thank you for reading!

  • Respectful Dialogue
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Do not posts ads, nudes or violence materials